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Personalized Services Include:

  • Services Room Picture 2Hourly Consultations
  • Detailed Design Plans
  • Furniture Selection
  • Color Selection
  • Space Planning
  • Room Makeovers
  • Accessories & Lighting
  • Custom Paint Finishes
  • Real Estate Staging
  • Custom Window Treatments & Soft Furnishings

Barb's Decorating Tips

  1. When planning a space, choose the most expensive items first, like fabrics, floor coverings and furnishings, then select the paint color.
  2. Don’t chicken out when it comes to color.  It is amazing what color can do to an ordinary space.
  3. When placing furniture in a room, don’t push the pieces directly up against the walls.  Space between the furniture and the walls can create an illusion of more space.
  4. Don’t automatically paint ceilings white, pastel colors or off-white tones can add warmth and do a better job accentuating the colors of the room.
  5. Always measure your space first, including doors and stairs before purchasing furnishings.
  6. Don’t forget how important decorative lighting is to a room.  It can make the difference between a warm inviting space and a cold sterile space.
  7. When hanging artwork, remember to hang it at eye level.  If your walls are exceptionally taller than normal then larger artwork is a necessity.
  8. Don’t purchase a lot of small collectibles, when a few large accent pieces can be all the drama the room needs.
  9. Remember when hanging mirrors, ask yourself, What will this be a reflection of?
  10. When framing and matting artwork, do what is right for the painting, don’t choose a combination to match the room color/décor.
  11. If you’re struggling with tips 1-10, choose option 11 and contact Barb!


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